The Sunspear is a state-funded and equipped Thalassian strike-force, working directly for the Spire - and therefore the High Kingdom and The Horde. The guild is based on 'The Sunsworn' (the blood elves who served on the alternate Draenor) and acts as a small section of the larger organisation. Like the Sunsworn, the Sunspear is a joint military venture manned and funded by members of the influential factions of Silvermoon working in cooperation. The Blood Knight Order, Farstriders, Magisters and Priesthood are the main groups represented within the guild.

Often mistaken in the past as some sort of "holy order" the Sunspear in fact focuses equally on military, magical and spiritual themes while embracing the newer direction of the Sin'dorei as a whole - with an emphasis on repentance and redemption.

Initially established in 2014, the wake of the Siege of Orgrimmar to hunt Garrosh loyalists, the order was then merged into the Sunsworn to help combat the Iron Horde on Draenor. Following the end of hostilities on that world the Sunspear has been repurposed, to serve the High Kingdom by protecting Blood Elven interests at home and abroad.

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